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New Video: Lightning Strikes Water, Misses Boats

This new video is from the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. At about the 20 second mark lightning strikes the water and narrowly misses a couple of boats and the dock. Lightning doesn’t always strike the highest or most conductive object. There are many photos of lightning strikes near wind turbine farms where the bolts completely miss the turbines and their blades. In most cases, lightning will strike the highest object. Turbines are very vulnerable during a long storm as there can be hundreds of lightning strikes in a small area. The odds of lightning striking a turbine are high. It only makes sense to protect your turbine blades with WXGuard segmented lightning diverters. WXGuard enhances a blade’s lightning receptors by directing the lightning to the receptors and away from the GFRP structure. WXGuard diverters can be easily installed during blade manufacture or in the field. Call Greg Shine at 1-800-543-5151 or contact Greg via e-mail at [email protected] for more information on WXGuard segmented lightning...